Link Building Program – What Really Works

Effective Link Building Program

Effective Link Building Services

Effective Link Building Services

Looking for a link building program? It is getting harder to compare these services by the day. The various steps which really work for an effective link building program includes the following:

Submissions do not always equal links.

The standard ad for a building program will offer you a certain number of submissions. This would be often accompanied by a report when the work is done which let you know where your site was submitted.

The submissions might have been done as promised, but still checking this is required which is almost as time consuming as doing the work yourself. You may not recognize the websites and directories your site had been submitted to.

The next factor to consider is the quality offered by the campaign provider. Many of the submissions might go to sites that have no page rank and are seldom indexed by the search engines. If the site is not indexed you will not gain anything. If it is submitted to a link farm you could get a negative factor in the search engine terms.

The Link Hostage Program

Some services will submit your site to a large network of sites that they themselves have. Many of these sites have a good PR rank and are indexed often. These submissions often make the transition to become effective for site promotion.

A steady increase of back links to your site

As most of you know having a site that has little or no back links would jump off to thousands in a few days which is not at all natural. This strategy can help you short term. But the long term effect can end up placing your site in the infamous Google sandbox.

A systematic approach to promote the site can be achieved in several manners which search engines like. Most of these methods are labor intensive.

High PR Back links – SEO Magic

The fact of the matter is that the secret to amazing SEO success is no big secret at all.  High PR Back links work every time. It’s just a matter of finding enough of these and spending the time to post your links with your keywords or keyword phrases as anchor text.

The important thing is to make sure the links are posted in an area where they are Do Follow links.

You would be hearing about several myths about posting your back links which should be broken:

  1. The page where you post the link must have a High Page Rank If the sites homepage has a high PR, the SEO will pass that to the site regardless of the PR of the page your link is on.

  2. One can’t rank for keywords that don’t have sufficient density. If this were true, you wouldn’t see any videos ranking for their tags. One needs to just post enough of the links with anchor text and get ranked.

  3. Your back links must come from relevant sites or they are worthless. Google knows that links occur randomly. It’s enough that the links are coming from High PR sites. They know that people have varied interests, so they are just looking for volume. The benefit get from site relevancy is that people seeing the links are more likely to click.

  4. Sites on the first page of Google all have thousands of inbound links and it will take you years to catch up. Some do have thousands of back links, but one need not have to compete with that.You just need to compete with those having the keyword or keyword phrase similar to the anchor text.

If you look for High PR Web 2.0 websites you would find a ton of places you can post your links. You will usually be posting them in your profile in a section with a heading something like About Me.It does take some time to set these profiles up, as it requires uploading a profile picture and adding some personal info to avoid being banned for link spam.

In short of you are planning for an effective link building program you need to keep the following steps in mind which would really help boost up your business.


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