Important Link Building Tips For A New Website

Link-BuildingYou may be leader in your own niche, you may be promising service provider, you may have a great website but these all are of no use if you go unnoticed among the potential clients. To make your website visible on the web, link building is one of the important online marketing strategies. However, you need to be very careful about whom you send the link to. Sending your link to bad website can hamper your online reputation. Here are some of the great links building practices that you can practice to get your website noticed among the potential clients.

  • Articles and Press Releases: It is a good idea to earn links from articles and press. Articles and PR can be submitted to reputed article or PR submission websites. It is very likely that the people who read your article or press release may click the links which you provide and visit your site.  Press releases get you mapped on any news specific searches and will make your business popular as well.
  • Blogging: Having a blog for your website is the need of the day. Every business website has its own blog. Blogging is the way to connect with your customers. Search engines index blogs faster than the websites and that becomes added advantage. Link building can also be done on commenting on the blogs.
  • Social media profiles: Social media sites have become very popular and there are thousands of them online. You can make profiles in them and place your website links in the profiles. You will get a link by spending few minutes on profile creation.
  • Directory submissions: Do submit your website to authoritative directories like; Yahoo, DMOZ  etc. You can also submit your links on the local directories like the yellow pages and get the good links.

There are many advantages of link building; it helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites that helps in increasing the sales. Following the tips, your link building will improve and will help in visibility and credibility of your site.


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