Link Building Strategies You Would Want To Know

Link building strategies that are given below are likely to guarantee you to receive free links from the established websites. However, this differs from the content-oriented development strategies which hope to get gradually natural editorial links.

These tips of link building focus more on targeted link placement of link insertion, where you are likely to control the specific anchor text used. Some include agreements made with others and the others involve one-way action on your part.

1.    Submit your website to web directories: This is a monotonous process that can get you several backlinks if you have the time. Other alternative for this would be to hire a manual directory submitter.

2.    Common links with similar websites: It is important to pick these sites that are of high relevance so that you will not only get links but will also get traffic. Common linking can prove useful from the beginning but do not overdo it.

3.    Submission of press release to PR sites: A vital press release about your website’s launch can be released to several PR websites, who will be distributing it to the various online news outlets.

4.    Article submission: Write a short article on any of your specific topic and submit it to article directories for a backlink and some traffic. You possibly get more links if your article is picked up and published on other websites.

5.    Forum signatures: Join some forums in your niche and start contributing to ongoing discussions. Insert a link to the homepage or some inner pages of your site.

6.    Comment on other blogs: start to comment on relevant and popular site in your niche. Just focus on building relationships with other bloggers as well.

7.    Offer your expertise: This is to be applied when you have a specific skill set such as web design, translation, copywriting or SEO. Write to a well established website and offer to optimize their website in return for a mention or a credit link on a web page.

The list above by no means comprehensive but are just some of the off-site methods which can be used to build links for every new


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