Ways to Make Back Links More Powerful

When you are building links for your site, you are as good as the next link. People are always on a hunt for new and more links to improve the site’s link popularity. But have you ever thought about the usefulness of your existing links. Here are some tips that will help you to increase the benefits of your existing back links.

Switch the links to a new domain

It has been confirmed by experts that there a site can lose some page rank if they use a 301 Re-direct. You can still 301 redirect one domain to another but it is possible that you will lose some power of the links. By contrasting the site which the links comes from the the old domain and changing the links to a new domain can make certain that you are getting all the benefits that your existing links are providing.

Get Ideal Anchor Text

A website link building expert will take free link when and where they can get. However, it is better to come up with a way to re-phrase the existing anchor-text.

Add Internal Links

Find the strongest sub-pages on your site. If you have been building links to one page or you have promoting one particular page then you might start from there. Once you have isolated the strongest web-pages, start adding internal links to the pages. That will help to keep the power of the back links flowing to the other parts of the site.


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