Importance of Manual Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the safest ways of acquiring quality and quantity one way links that can provide you with desired traffic. How the directory web site submission works is it allows you to get the targeted traffic, improve your page ranking and receive better SERPs for your keywords.

When it comes to directory submission, you will find two types of directory submissions, one is automated and the other is manual. In an automated one, you will have to submit your blogs, articles or press releases with the help of a tool where there are many sites to publish. But in manual directory submission, you will have to submit one by one. It takes a little more time but if you compare the two, you will find that the manual directory submission is more effective than that of the automated one.

But before you start manual directory submission, you need some basic preparations for your website. The first point is to get familiar with SEO techniques to make your website as search engine friendly as possible and this will maximize your efforts for directory submission. Next is to think carefully about the content that you have written for submission. Many directories require you to use the website name or your business name as the title and link text so you need to make these few words work best for you.

Manual directory submission is more beneficial as it gives better placements than that of the automated one. If you always submit in the automated one, then this time try the manual directory submission and realize the difference!